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I'm bored out of my mind! Answered

I'm so bored! I try to make something cool from Instructables but it always fails. Does any body have any suggestions for what to make or do?


If you like pop, bang, and flying things....there is a book called Backyard Ballistics <link> that I am sure you would enjoy, the website has some things too.

Ugh. That guy. I thought he was so cool... until I saw his projects in Maker dated before his book...

Since your bored out of your mind... (Get ready, this has nothing to do with improvments) I will write some stuff about topics. Music: What kind of music do you like? If you like rock/metal, here are some good bands: Simple Plan, Metallica, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bon Jovi, Cradle of Filth, and defenitly Hannah Montana (Just Kidding!!!) Most fun Guitar Hero III songs: I like: Impulse, Ruby, Stricken, Knights of Cydonia, TTFAF, TDWDTG, and Messages (DLC). fun RockBand (Drums) songs: I like: Won't get fooled again, Dead on Arrival, Hammerhead (DLC), Blackened (DLC), Afterlife (DLC), and Vasoline. Some I other things I love are: Playing Drums, Piano, or guitar, doing origami, Eh... I dunno

or you can go to freerice.com solves boredom and plus you feel good by saving children from starving.

What have you tried so far? What went wrong?

(I think we need the random function back on the searches, for those poor souls seeking inspiration)

Also sounds like you gave up when it didn't work the first (or second) time. When you hit a problem, you can take a break, but go back to it and try to figure it out. Keep working the problem until you solve it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

No, I made a few they all didn't work. Maybe I'll try once again.

You probably made the rocket too tight a fit on the launching pen. If you want to fire stuff, try browsing the Launch It group - plenty of ballistic stuff there.

Hmmm, ya the air was escaping once i blew.


10 years ago

Go look at Yard Sales and go through Alleys to look for random crap to put together/fix and write an instructable on it.

Ya,sure I'll check out some yard sales tomorrow.

Why not now? Are you not bored out of your mind?

Because it's 7:00 at night and I doubt there is any yard sales going on right now.

Oh, hehe, never thought of that. I guess you wouldn't want to walk through alleyways either, huh? Then try thinking of something you might want to try to do and find the materials for for when you do start looking for yard sales/walking through alleys. Or something.

Or do it the other way round - find an interesting bit of junk and start thinking - what could this become?