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I'm curious how a person could make a headband out of wood. How would you get that kind of curvature out of wood? Answered

I was wondering if one could potentially make wooden headphones.


I am currently working on a nice pare of wooden headphones from scratch, with a wooden headband, and other cool features. I hope to have them done with an instructable up by late December. I made a round mold with a big hole in the center to run clamps around it. First I submerged 6 pieces of veneer in warm water and clamped them around my mold. After they dried and conformed to the shape, I glued them by twos. I am in the middle of gluing right now, here is a picture of my jig. I hope this helps. Subscribe so you can be the first to see when they come out!


If you really want that "bold angles" look you /could/ take several pieces of wood and glue them together at angles until they wrap around. :]


8 years ago

Steam it and dry around a mold.  And for a project of this nature, I would definitely use bamboo.  The parallel fibers and natural springiness of bamboo is ideal for something like this.

technically you could just cut the wood into strips and glue them back together and put the wood glue thing into a press it is what i do with my skateboards and they have a pretty nice curve

For this particular application, laminated is probably a good idea. If you want them to be a bit springy to hold the 'phones against your ears, the wood will be under stress -- and laminates may be a bit less prone to stress fractures. I think.

Steaming is the way to go, like RMS says.