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I'm having trouble finding the right material for a full head mask. suggestions? Answered

I get bored, often.
And to pass that time i make goggles and masks, until now ive used leather, denim, hard plastic, metal, paper mache, and even clay.

I've been inspired by this game, Gotham City Imposters, to make a "homemade" version of batmans cowl.
I'd like to make it out of a material that i guess would have to stretch, cuz i just want to be able to slip it on and off, you see, all of my full head masks ive made so far have either had belts or laces in the back that id have to do up and undo everytime i took it on and off.

So my question for this project and future ones is... what the lump should i use (as far as materials) that would be tight (not too tight) and be easy to slip on and off my head, without breaking or tearing?


Some form of neoprene fabric? That is pretty stretchy and tough - think wet suits!


hmmm, wetsuits are similar to what spiderman wears right? (in the movie)
yeah. i suppose that is what im looking for. but, few more questions...
1. do you know if its easy to paint or change the color in anyway?
2. can i sew through it?
3. can glue be used on it?

1. I don't know, but it does come in a wide range of colours

2. Yes it can be sewn through - I would recommend a 3 step zigzag on an ordinary sewing machine or a serger/overlocker would be ideal. Make sure you sue a needle made for stretch or jersey fabrics.

3. Yes it takes glue which is often sold as part of a repair kit.

Full sheets are pretty pricey, but ebay seems to have sellers of smaller pieces which would be fine for a mask/head wear e.g.


ah awesome, thanks. i didnt think you were going to reply,
i was worried id end up bying it then find out it would be impossible to sew.
Thank you for the link too.

Just what I was going to suggest - I think it glues OK as well, if you get the right adhesive.

i'm not sure if you are aware or not of it, but please see my response to lizzyastro's answer, i'd like to see what you know on the subject too.
and thank you.

It's just occurred to me that the cowl used in the more recent movies is actually rigid, allegedly some kind of super-tough ceramic (see: the scene where they smash a failed batch with a bat).

You say you've done papier mache in the past - what about fibreglass resin? You could tailor the object from black cloth, then render it rigid with resin (you would have to drape it over a form while it cured, maybe an inflated balloon).

yeah, i just watched that lastnight actually, it was graphite i believe.
That is a good idea, however, my head, like most people's, is larger than my neck. how would i go about slipping it on and off?

A two-part build? Like a box that you clip around your head?

Or maybe a shape that conforms less closely to your head?  Like this?

yeah, i think ive got it pegged now. thanks for all your help.


6 years ago

Spandex fabric. It has a nice stretchiness, and is available in a variety of colors at any fabric store.

call me weird but ive never seen spandex before.
Does it breathe well?
would you say its more of a cloth or a rubber?


More of a rubber, probably 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. It is often used to make mouse-mats.

You can sew through it (I would use a machine if you can), and I would make the seams by butting two pieces against each other, and laying a piece of fabric tape along the join and sewing into that.

You can glue it, but I don't know what kind of glue is best.

okay. thank you so much. i wouldve chosen yours as best answer, however all of your comments are replies, and i cant chose those.

So for my situation you reccomend neoprene over spandex right? (as far as a batman mask and neck piece. nothing that i need to be able to breathe through.

But. if later on i decide to make a spiderman type mask should i use spandex since you said it is breathable?


And no bother about the "best" - Lizzie suggested it before I did, and she knows a lot more about sewing / fabric working than I do, so you might want to confirm my comments with her before proceeding.

"Spandex" is what Spiderman wears, sometimes called "Lycra". It is most commonly seen in real life being worn by dance troupes, joggers and cyclists.

It is a cloth, and breaths well enough that I have seen costumes made of it that completely covers the mouth and nose.