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I'm not creative at all, what can I do? Answered

 I'm here on Instructables for 5 minutes and I don't know what to make, because I'm not creative, Ive tried cutting clothes but that was too hard for me, Should I delete my account and leave it alone, please help me?


Start with something simpler.
Don't give up if it's not perfect the first time.

Pick an instructable that you are interested in.  Look it over.  Now do you really thing that most of the good ones were the first try at it?  Lots of my first hundred or so crafts projects that were kept were the second try or atleast the original was heavily fixed, repaired or modified.  It's a learning process that we all go thru.

Don't get discouraged at first.  The old saying "if at first you don't succeed, try try again", works well in life.

Sometimes it helps if you have a teacher or someone to guide you and help you learn the right way to do things.  When you start out on the right foot and you are using what you learned in the past, then the things you don't know yet aren't so many.

Good luck.

BTW, I firmly believe there is nobody who is "not creative". Just folks who are not letting themselves risk criticism, and thus not trying.

(Whether you're _good_ at it is a separate matter. But as I said, that comes with practice.)

Sit in a small uncomfortable chair, breath stale air, and squeeze your head as hard as you can for a few hours. Then try again. 

Wow!  You joined I'bles on 31 Dec 2009, today is 21 Mar 2009.  That's, 6,912,000 seconds.  You believe you joined just 5 minutes (300 s) ago, so you must be travelling at 0.997c.  That's really fast!  Why don't you write us an Instructable on the awesome interstellar craft you've made?

Uh, today is Mar 21, 2010, not 2009.  If today was Mar 21 2009 and he joined on Dec 31, 2009, he would be joining in the future.  Now THAT'S  a neat trick.

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I think having a daughter almost 1 or 2 is a neat trick!

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8 years ago

Start by making stuff exactly as others have made them.  The same shape, colours, everything.  Once you're comfortable with that, maybe you'll get some ideas on what design features you like.

Creativity comes from a lot of trial and error. Unless you're willing to make mistakes you can't come up with new ideas.

You could start with something you see here, then think of ways to improve it or to use the same ideas in another way.

You could think about what you'd find useful/interesting, and look for ways to achieve it... then for ways to improve it.

Or you could just play around with stuff and see what happens. If something interesting happens, it's creativity. If it doesn't work, it's research. <grin/>

Get sharper scissors.
What did you like around here - what things did you think were great? Have a look at a few more and something will come to you.


Well, for one thing you might want to give it more than 5 minutes before giving up. Sometimes coming up with an idea takes time.

Start with something easy. What do you enjoy?