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I'm stumped... Answered

You guys, I am having trouble thinking of something to build. i have no idea what to build, and everything I am making isn't really working out. Do you guys have an idea of what i should build??

I'll give a go at anything!! (within reason :P)
One more thing: Should i rebuild my Steyr Aug A2, and put a grey firing pin on it, and post it?


I know a few: Remmington Tac-1, Spas 12, 870MCS ( all shotguns.)

I think all of you who post that can't think of an idea of what to do or are looking for a clue on what to do to, get together to form a committee to figure out what to do first. Maybe you will come up with something to do.

thats actually a great idea there should be an instructables idea community.

I say rebuild your AUG


Too late now, KnexFoof is making a train right now. ;-)

Watch, next month, you will post a forum saying you are leaving because you are bored with knex and nothing is working out for you and you have no ideas.

Yes that is the problem with everyone- people just are fed up of the guns and can't think of another becasue they have probably already been made, Thats why I stick to non-guns= never ending fun.

Interesting idea....I am taking a break from guns and working on a ball machine now.

Yeah same here, new stuff from me too. Check out my ball machine lift

That is why I posted that comment.

Well since you said you would give a go at anything, make an m14 please.

Hmmm im thinking MP5 replica have a look at silentassasin21's for inspiration


8 years ago

Build Jammy's sling sniper!

A new ball machine element or lift (I got a new one for my high ball tower) Or just something like a car/plane/crane and see how strong and realistic you can make it. (and big :) )

Aw mine wasn't satisfactory? =( Well I suppose it's rather old now.

Why don't you make a ball machine?

Don't post another gun, they are just getting boring now, post something new, and not-a-gun. :-) Seriously.

I agree with Odin6616 UMP ftw :D


8 years ago

just like me.. havent made anything in like 5 months...

wait for me to find my charging cable and build the illogic bow.

Try a sniper rifle. Slingshot, ram, doesn't matter.

A Ball Machine? Working Candy/Soda/Snack Machine? (I'm serious) A car? A train? A safe? An animal of some short?

how bout a life like m203 it loads like one but is sling shot powered