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Inappropriate Ads Answered

Hey, I had a porn ad come up while I was looking at "Jobs Available at Instructables". It didn't have any names or words, just gyrating girls in thongs, and a place to click to enter. I'm at work, and ads like that could get me in trouble! At home they could get me in trouble with Mrs. Skunkbait! I promise I'm not being prudish (hey, I like thongs as much as anybody), but that was just too much. Can you see if you can do something about that? Thanks. - Skunkbait


Oh the irony of an ad JUST like that right next door on this very post!

I got a similar ad, this one floats at the bottom of the window. The only editing I have done is cropping it, converting the address to monochrome for easier reading, and blurring out the f-word.


i'm glad i never have got that ad, if my mom saw that i might have to say bye bye to instructables.

if your mom saw that add on this site would she let you stay here?

Yeah. She doesn't mind, its not as if I was doing it intentionally!

ya, but my mom would think that it was releated to the site, and think it was some how bad for me...

The she needs to learn about the internet! ;)

Just had a Flash pop up, it was about a survey, sorry I can't remember the name of the company .

Yeah, It happens. ewilhelm told me to get as much info as possible. Now I'm a little more on my gaurd.

I haven't seen any porn ads, but I get a ton of dating ads. I consider them to be of the same lot. Did you know I can find the rich, classy and intelligent man of my dreams online? It's easy and free!

Without getting any internet predators?

Oh, I forgot, you are an adult...

I still win!! ;)

That is really weird... Do you have a screen shot of it?

I didn't get one. I was at work and shut it down ASAP!

Y'know, that kind of thing could get a guy in your line of work fired right quick...

When you see something like this, please send as much information as possible. The URL where the ad is pointing is useful, but if you can determine which network is displaying the ad by inspecting the iframe around it with Firebug, that is pure gold.

I'll definitely try next time. My new desk at work is in a more public area, and I really had to get rid of it QUICK. If it ever happens at home or during a real slow time at work, with no prying eyes, I'll get as much info as possible.

lol, that's strange...
usually the ads are related to instructables stuff...

oh wait... there are instructables like that too!

Those are pretty tame ibles compared to the ad that came up. Now if they have an ible on "how to get a half dozen naked girls to dance around in your office or living room", that would be an appropriate ad. BTW- If someone comes up with an instructable like the aforementioned one, (I'm sure it would be..uh... quite entertaining!) please give it a really crappy title, so that I won't accidentally open it at work, or in the living room while church members are visiting. I really have shown instructables to several folks from my congregation (I have lots of gearheads, and a few artists), and I mentioned it in a Bible class a couple of times.

there is an ible by ol killerjackalope

I can live with his. It was tasteful and straightforward, although it might have sparked that kind of advertising.