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Induction heater using the famous mazzilli vladimiro flyback driver? Answered

After being done with 555oscillators and other hv projects. i am now interested with induction heater. i have seen multiple schematics on how to make them. However the parts needed are expensive. there was a similar question posted last year but did not have enough information etc. i have seen some people making the induction heater with the zvs driver of mazzilli, but did not give enough information on how to make it. 

i need to wind 8+8turns on a flyback transformer core and 4 turns of thick wire one the other side to give more current.

1. can i wind the 8+8 turns on a toroidal core instead of a flyback transformer core(i don't want to break it even if i have more than 5)

2. for the capacitor 0.68uf. can a big 10uf 400v~ capacitor be used instead? or should i use 3X 0.22uf 400v~ in parallel so that it don't over heat due to high currents?

3. Will 2X 12v 35Ah car battery in series be enough to power the driver? i mean, will it drain the battery too fast which will lower its life span or should i use a rewound MOT?

 4. Will a 2500uf 50v capacitor connected across the power supply be needed to smooth the current or will the circuit run finely without it.


I've made an induction heater with a Mazzilli driver before it was by accident I had wrapped the wire around a 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe it melted the pvc and the wire insulation. I would try this first with copper pipe or thick wire first before I start complicating things. Have a look at this website http://uzzors2k.4hv.org/index.php?page=phys it has two induction heaters and the second one looks quite simple.

How did you melt PVC? I thought induction heating only worked on conductive or magnetic materials.

I did not know that so I don't know. The plastic melted and shrivelled a bit as well as the wire insulation. It did make a metal rod hot enough to burn me so it does work.

yeah i've already seen it

of course. after making several researches i've found on how to increase the performance of the flyback driver and converting it to an induction heater. by the way. which one is better a toroidal core or a flyback transformer core to isolate it.

I was going to post the same link as Lemonie !

Its not "harder" to make a proper job of it, rather than mess around with the wrong circuit - the right circuit puts the energy where you want it, in the load, and not in the driver circuits.


Induction heaters are not flyback circuits.


i know. but it can be used to make it. i have seen lots of people doing it. The frequency is high enough to heat heat the metal.