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Instructable tips? Answered

I am making an instructable on how to make a chicken coop, I already have lots of pictures.  Anyone have any tips on how to make a great instructable?  I am thirteen and this is my first  instrucable I intend to publish.


Good, relevant pictures, illustrating what you are writing.

Literate, grammatical sentences.

Logical structure - look at other construction 'ibles.
Tools, materials, method, uses.


It is coming along nicely, thanks for the tips! :D

Spell check! Even professional writers look foolish if their work is littered with spelling errors. And consider grammatical word usage, such as; their, there, and they're, also, your and you're, among others.

If its your first 'ible, say so, and ask for feedback on your efforts too.

Hope it goes well for you.

I subscribed that way when it comes out I'll get to see it.

I love how it is coming along and my spelling (my grade reading level is that of a post high school student) shouldn't be an issue, thank you, if anyone else has suggestions feel free to post them.