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Instructables 2007 Data Dump Answered


Hey, Eric. Any chance of getting plots like the above (integral of Ed's I'bles per month) for 2008, or even cumulative from inception?

Yes. I also think Ed has more in store for this year.

Done! That's it! What a great year!

Yes, it looks like it was a great year. I hope to be more of a presence in the instructables during the upcoming year. I have lots of things I would like to present, and so I am hoping to find a little more time to (at very least) get started. Thank you for all you do.

Maybe I should back off some.....I might be becoming annoying to some?

congratulations! you havent annoyed me... im sure ive annoyed people though.

Well, I am sometimes a bit on the insistent side, and I stick my nose everywhere (except in the Knex discussions; which I don't know anything about). I could see someone finding my presence like an uncle that has stayed one month too long while visiting. :-)

Stop having doubts about yourself all the time. =o)
Relax your brain ! ;o)

I don't doubt myself; I was quite certain that I had annoyed people from time to time ;-)

Fantastic. This must be a bit tedious to put together ?

Especially since they all have to be counted by hand...

We've been up all night for the last two weeks counting paper ballots.

The hanging chads are fine upon a visual inspection... It's the "dimpled" and "pregnant" chads that require a small group of people to come to a majority decision... o.0 Sometimes, I hate Florida...

See comment below. They used a new technology that PREDICTS future data in a database. They used it to predict the comment below, and then they did it. That should answer your question. ;P

That sounds like an awesome idea for an obfuscated process, ala Rube Goldburg: Query the DB, have it print out the results on pieces of paper in a percice alignment. Then shred the paper (alignment critical) -- and you have ballots to count up!


This must be a bit tedious to put together ?
I'm assuming they used SQL Queries :P
... make that hoping

Wow, I wish I had as much time at home as I do at work (where I do most of my posting from to the forums).....I could actually get an instructable put together *sigh*

...what do you do for work? It sounds like my kinda business :P

2nd shift computer operator / systems operator. Life insurance.....so when I have backups running, I can be here :-)

It is boring really. I baby sit 39 servers, and 3 IBM AS/400 midframes, while also executing the night time processing (batch), and trouble shooting any problems.

I really wish I had pushed and gone to college when I was not so long in the tooth. *sigh*

You spend a lot of time in the forums, don't you??

Yeah, on and off for much of my shift.....this and reviewing software packages etc.