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Instructables IRC? Answered

I was just thinking -- maybe instructables should have an IRC channel(s)? It might be an interesting way to chat...



9 years ago

it would be better then the meebo chat room in the tech forum....

NO WAY I was thinking of this exact thing last night...

Ok, I have mIRC downloaded....I won't be able to install today....time to get ready for work...but later.....then what ?

Server: irc.freenode.org Channel: #instructables See if you can get it, I dont know my way around mIRC ;-)

Ok, well it will have to be sometime tomorrow, since I am currently at work and they wouldn't want me installing mIRC on the LAN LOL

I think I found it - I saw a list that included "iblesrobot" and "freethinker", but I recognised nothing that looked like a conversation. I'm off now - it's too late to think about new software and I'm off to London tomorrow.

its therethinker -- and thats me :-)

I was eating dinner... and no one happened to be in it...

Hmm, I seem to be the only one on. AFK?

> Dopey question - what's an "IRC channel"?

. Internet Relay Chat. It's been around since shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet. Not as popular as it used to be. Channels are like "rooms" where groups of ppl meet to type at the same time. Imagine typing msgs in real time in one of the Ible groups.

Sort of like msn? Hmm... Not so sure that's such a good idea. I am starting to think that the forums need splitting properly into topic areas. Maybe not by groups, since many groups have almost no traffic, but by... er... "uber-groups", with similar-themed groups sharing a forum.

Maybe the splitting of forums by category?

I heartily second this proposal. ..in fact.......

Actually, I don't think we need to quite yet. The activitiy is low enough to be able to sort it all out, and if you need to, you can always sort them.

Wow... nevermind on the sorting thing, I could have sworn you could do Life/Tech/etc for forums...

Well there's loads and loads of topics, new topics stay at the top for awhile and then sink below, and now and then an old topics floats back... there's only the Search for finding anything. =)

Or just putting KNEX into their own category?

They need meta groups or something... Groups that we can group groups into. Categories are good, but they're only for instructables...

IRC was somewhat the IN thing around 10 years ago, and I think thats where initialisms like LOL, ROTFL, IMHO, etc gained popularity..
If you are curious, check out www.mirc.com and download the program.
Today, IRC is not that popular and is considered by some as the back-alleys of the internet.

If anyone was "around" during the days of the "ChatPlanet", a Java chat that Crackers got to abusing so much that they simply shut the thing down. But at one time, it was one of the most inhabited places on the web.

. While I think a chat room(s) would be an excellent idea, I'm not so sure IRC would be the best way to accomplish it. Something that is integrated into the site (I think phpBBS has builtin chat) would be better, IMNSHO. . I do see one possible problem with chat rooms - information loss. Instead of everything being in the more or less permanent iBles/threads, you will have info that evaporates once it scrolls off the top of the screen (except for local logs). . That said, if someone sets up an IRC channel for Ibles, I'll at least check it out. If the S/N ratio is high enough, I'll probably participate.

Well, a bot could always log it. That seems what most sites with them do. We could always use that thing that overlays chat onto any website... the name escapes me right now, but it starts with a "G"

But who's going to read up on those chats? The thing I like about ibles is that there's just the ibles and forum, and each are easy for me to catch up on when I've been gone. That's also why I like ibles so much...it's nice and cozy only having the two places - versus other places so vast that you can never be up to date with all of it.

I agree. Being a member on past forums, and being gone for a week, it takes days to catch up on every new piece of information because information is in so many forum topics.

Hmm... good point. I never really realized that...
Although backtalk helps a ton.

Yea that is true. The other type of chat channel is using a server to live chat using a headset and a microphone. Instructablers could join the server to just chat with other users. But if we ever do get a chat interface, the IRC channel would be easiest.

Keep in mind the amount of bandwidth used to sustain a verbal chat.

From a business standpoint, an IRC channel would potentially divert precious visits and page views away from instructables.com.

Integrating chat feature within the site is the best option. Retaining users within the site and increase potential source of income (ad, sponsorship, etc) that help keep the site afloat / grow.