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Internet browsing device Answered

I have a grand central account, and I use it for free long distance, but I have to turn on my computer just to make a call. I was wondering if anybody knows of something similar to the nokia internet tablet thingies, but much cheaper (under $100). Any ideas (or GC tips)?


No I didn't make one, this is just a couple minutes of GIMPing. No it's not a voip phone. How it works is you go to grandcentral.com and login and go to your contacts. You click call next to the mane and it lets you select a phone, or enter a number. The phone you selected will start ringing. Once you pick up the phone theirs will start ringing. You can use it for free long dist. calls because it is incoming on both sides. All I wanted to do was go to the site without having to fire up the old linux box.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear...I meant whether you had made the little Linux machine.

No I didn't. I wanted to, but realized I could probably find a used laptop for cheaper. When I first saw it in popsci, I liked it, but now I realize that it isn't worth it to build. Sorry

Just hit me- Broken psp + ebay/craigslist/insertstorehere = cheap
I'll look
Thanks for all the suggestions.

How about this?

Yeah, Now I remember that. I was thinking something more compact, and using less power. I also remember them being out of stock for parts, and it ended up being more expensive. Thank anyways

Oh...did you make one? I though about making one, since all I would need to buy new would be the motherboard and the riser card, but I can't even justify that until I come up with a use for it. Now, this device you want. Do you have a link or a description or something to this "nokia internet tablet thingie?" I'm not sure what exactly you are going for. Is this "thingie" basically a VoIP phone? If I understand you right, you want a small computing device that can connect to a VoIP server and make a phone call, completely independently of anything except for a power source and an Internet connection. Is that accurate?

Sorry, this is what I meant (I'm kind of tired and brain-dead today)

I like it , but if I'm not mistaken, it needs a monitor, keybd, etc. I was thinking somethin that was more compact and all in one.

This is what I was thinking of ....


. Looks like an early prototype for the iPhone. :)