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Iphone/ipod app Answered

I recently downloaded an Instructables App.

- is it legit?
- if so, why is there no search option?
- if there is one... where is it?
- if there isint one... can there be one added? It would make it great!



8 years ago

if you have a mac and snow leopard you can make you own apps with programs from developer.apple.com


8 years ago

That seems to be the number one complaint, no search feature. It would be cool if we could upload new instructables too. With the ability to take great photos on the iPhone 4 it's kind of a hassle to then load them to your computer, then write an instructable from the home computer or laptop.

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8 years ago

-if it's made by Purple Robots, LLC, yes, it's legit.
-there's no search option because one wasn't programmed in.
-again, there is none.
-one can always be added, but we don't currently have the resources.

Purple Robots was nice enough to program this application for us.  We told them what we wanted, and gave them the appropriate images and they took care of the rest.

A search option is useful, but something that would require a lot more time and effort then was available for this version of the app.