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Ipod touch 5 Answered

So all the talk and youtube videos are making apples ipod touch 5 look amazing. With 5 color choices, a-5 chip, siri, better battery, better cameras, and so much more it is got to be great. So i say all that to ask when it comes out "Will you buy it".


Can I get one iPod touch

When you can get a decent Android touch pad for under $100, I can not see getting anything Cupertino California based.

upgrading is a waste of money, but lets say you were going to buy a 4th gen and then the 5th gen one comes out, your more than likely going to buy the newer one


5 years ago

So far, all my lifestyle needs is my 15$ prepaid LG flip phone. The Apple stuff looks sexy, but has so many issues. I would go with android if I had to choose.

Meh, I'm still using an old sliding-case phone that only texts and calls, but I have my eye on a Galaxy Note on an all-you-can-eat data plan.

Hey, that's the term used by service providers over here - most plans are limited to the amount of online time you can have, but some are not.

Be very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY sure to read the fine print - these days they call data plans unlimited when they in fact have a cap of a few GB. The fine print will say stuff like "unlimited for normal usage" and then they define normal usage as up to X GB! Several companies have done away with true "unlimited" data plans altogether (except for grandfathered-in customers who bought one some time ago).

They are very clear that there is no limit - allegedly, one user consumes 500G a month, because he uses his phone as a home hub, and has game-players and video streamers in the house.

I've seen some stuff on the galaxy note 2 it looks pretty nice I have an apple device but I'm saving for the Nexus 7 cause I'm leaning to the android side (I don't like apples restrictions n stuph) I also like the larger 4 inch screens that they're putting on a lot of androids.

I haven't had hands-on with a Note 2 yet, but I reckon that the 2's release will make the original Note more affordable.

Just got a 4th gen touch last Christmas so i won't be upgrading a gain for another couple of years.


5 years ago

No. I'm not interested at all.