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Is a ice creating sled possible? Answered

What I was wondering is if, you could have a sled that could make ice to sled on.
This can be divided into multiple questions.
1. Is it possible to have a tank of nitrogen and water in front of a sled, so that it combines nitrogen and water in a mist to create a thin layer of ice in front of the sled? Would there be any major changes to make it plausible?
2. Is there another way to make a thin layer of ice?
3. OR does this whole idea deserve the trashcan?

I'm trying to put our heads together for ideas, by posting this question..... So try to look for possible solutions.

Thanks, Paul


After thinking about this how about a radical approach and put Wheels on the sled!

It's a neat idea (frozone from incredibles does this)

...The reality/physics of it are well outlined by other answers in that the ground/air temperature would be your biggest enemy, ice only lasts on a warm surface for the order of less than seconds, which is fine if you're moving fast.

Also, Water is a neat material - it has a MASSIVE heat capacity, and it takes a lot of energy to change states between solid, liquid, and gas.Unless you had stored water at JUST above freezing, or even better, supercooled below freezing in a stable form (under high pressure) then jetting the supercooled water out with some ln2 would definitely cause a spray of 'ice' to form, but a thin stable layer would be very difficult to maintain.

I guess it might be possible you might be able to use liquid co or dry ice as well BUT have you looked at the cost of these items?

Added on to that without a below freezing air and ground temperature the since won't stay around long

Rather than trying to lay down a layer of ice to run your sled over why not try to make the sled's runners out of ice?
For this you would need to make them hollow with holes in them and then pump the water into these tubes and use something to freeze that water. I am not sure that liquid nitrogen is the best way to do this (but it might be) - you could also think about some electrical refrigeration or perhaps even the peltier effect?

I'm just throwing this idea out there for others to elaborate upon if they think it worthy.