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Is it possible to hook up home theater's speaker to a computer ,and how ? Answered

okay, I got a JVC XV THC-43 home theater, problem is the dvd player that came with it is dead like unreperable . I felt bad and didnt want to trow the speaker away . I wanted to hook them up to my computer but it's alot more dificult than I expected

Problems are : all the speaker hook up to the sub
the sub is suposed to conect via a mini din 8 pin cable to the dvd ( in that case my computer )

so people of the internet is it possible ? if yes , how ?

thanks :P


Simple solution. Connect your PC's audio output to the surround sound system's audio input. You'll have to have the whole system (receiver and all) near your PC but its better then trying to rewire everything to make it work without the receiver.


5 years ago

It looks like all the analog signals went over the S video esque like cable. What you can do is take the unit apart and try to trace them on the amp board to get an idea of whats what and then cut the cable that went to the dvd player and splice in your own connectors. Depending on the value of your time to yourself and the performance of these speakers, it may just be better to scrap them.