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Is there a good text editor for the iPad? Answered

I recently received an iPad for my birthday. I have been loading some of my favorite books into iTunes to read in the iBooks reader app. Some of these books I have scanned and run through OCR (optical character recognition) before generating the EPUB format that iBook uses. As much as I try to catch errors before I export to iTunes, I still find errors in the text of these books while I am reading them. So far, I have highlighted the passages that need to be edited and then gone back to the master file on my PC to correct them. Then I re-sync them to my iPad. Quite a laborious process and one that requires me to go back to my PC to fix things long after I have found them.

Is there a text editor app for the iPad that I can use to edit either the text in the EPUB container (a collection of XHTML files) or to edit a plain text file to correct spelling, punctuation, etc? I would like to be able to edit the mistakes and then sync them back to my PC when I reconnect. While I would like to find a free app that would work, I would pay for an app that let me do this.

Or, is there a way to sync annotations that you make in iBooks when you reconnect? I could develop a desktop application that could recognize annotation tags and edit the EPUB file from the tags.

It seems like the iPad would be an ideal platform for proof-reading, but I haven't found the right software yet.



8 years ago

Jailbreak it, add SINful iPhone and get ifile cracked.

I am like a guy with a brand new car: I like it, it still has that new car smell, and I'm not quite ready to tear it down and install a turbo and body mods. Maybe down the road, when I feel more comfortable with it.

I am still at the stage where I want to find a tool to work with, rather than remaking the thing.  If I can work out a process to make proofing and editing easy, I will stay in the box.  If I get tired of my tiny little box, I will become bolder.

I could try to find other metaphors (or are they similies?), but then I start mixing them and end up taking the bull by the horns of a dilema and find myself holding a bird in the bush.  Or something.

You got it. Personally I waited until my warrantee was up on my ipod touch because I was nervous, I wish I hadn't LOL It would be good for you to wait a while for more ipad features in cydia, and if you do jailbreak use redsn0w

Don't you like the preinstalled text editor.If not a good idea would be PAGES

The EPUB format is a collection of HTML files to tag the text and provide TOC and metadata.  I would like to open the HTML as text to fix errors I find.  Can PAGES do that?

The preinstalled editer is Notes. It will let me create a new note and edit an existing note. I cannot open a text file that was created in another program. Unless I am missing something.  Can you sync a file created in Notes to your PC or add a text file from the PC to Notes through iTunes? 

Does Apple prevent you from seeing the actual file structure?  I work mostly with PCs.  The only Apple products I have are an old iPod and my new iPad.