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Is there a nuclear bunker near calgary alberta canada? Answered


CFS Penhold, one of the smaller "Diefenbunkers" was built there. Where I'm from there was one in Nanaimo, British Columbia

That link is broken. Try this one:


Scroll down and check out the article in the Winter 2008/2009 issue, lots of info.


You may right there , i guess most off the Bunkers are build in the 40 -60
and not stand up.

So i design my own bunker of course is cheaper to get one and modify it

the place need to be far away from the ocean and not to close to the rockys

 if the end of the world does occur my best bet is to escape to the moon, either that or build a fallout 3 style vault 

are there any bunkers in BC ..

2012 is close ...

looking to buy or build one in norther bc

 ok i dont think a bunker will save you from the end of the world but you can try


9 years ago

Probably at Penhold (just outside of Red Deer). There used to be a military base there.

Penhold is now an Air Cadet base lol, not a lot of nuclear/zombocalyspe survival shelter available there!

Nuclear bunkers, Air raid bunkers, bunkers in general exist all over the place.

I heard about it, but, I don't think so.