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Is there a place where I can pay to use a 3d laser printer? Answered

Anyone know where one can pay a reasonable amount of money to have a design printed on a 3d printer as in the one for the "settlers of catan" 3d laser cut board instructable by G-Squier? if so please let me know, thank you.


If you want pieces laser cut, and you glue them together yourself, there are several. Type "laser cutting services" into a search engine. You might even find a local shop you can go to in person, rather than dealing with someone online.

If you want pieces 3D printed (not "3d laser"), there are several well-known online dealers, including Ponoko (as Kiteman mentioned) and Shapeways. Type "3d printing services" into a search engine.

Thingverse is a user-community of 3D printing enthusiasts with a huge library of predesigned files which you can down- and upload for free; they also have a service where you can order any of the items from their library printed for you.

Thank you for the correction, this is the first 3D printed project I really want to do and thank you for your help, I think I will check out Thingverse and see if they have the Setttlers of catan already on their database.
Again Thank You for Your help,

You'll find it easier to find if you know that the name is spelled Thingiverse. And actually, here's a link.

Oops. That was a typo on my part; thanks! Luckily, Google is smarter than I am: type "thingverse" and all four 'suggested completions' point to "thingiverse".

I'm going to agree with you that Google is smart... but I would never say that this is a 'lucky' thing. ;-/

Off the top of my head, try Ponoko.