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Is there any way to use devices on my old TV? Answered

I took a 7" Action ACN-3700 portable black & white CRT TV that was sitting on a shelf. It has an external antenna input on the back but it uses a mini sterio jack. Is there any adaptor for RF?



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Sorry I wasn't clear. The coax has only two conductors the center signal line and the ground. The stereo plug has three conductors but I'm pretty confident the jack on the TV only has two ground and signal. so plug the stereo jack in and use your meter to determine which wires go to ground ( they will have less than 100ohms between chassis ground and one or two of the wires.) the wire/s that are not common to ground are signal and go to the center of the coax. the other wires go to ground. I guess and easier way would be to plug the stereo jack in with the three wires stripped back a little so you could ground them to any earth ground and attached a length of any wire to one other wire. what you will be doig is giving it a little antenna so when you attach the signal in to the ground you won't get any signal and when you attach the wire to the signal in and ground the ground you should get some signal. you will need to get a converter box or run this off cable or satellite after the big tv conversion. let me know if that helps more. if not i'll try to get you a schematic or something. Cheers

Okay then. Thanks for letting me know! I will try this out. I will contact you if there is any problems.

I don't think your going to find an adapter for that but it would be pretty easy to rig one up all you need is a plug that fits the jack and a 75ohm coax jack. you could get the stereo plug off an old set of head phones and the coax fitting you could buy at any home improvement shop, radio shack or www.mcmaster.com (the source of everything). unplug the set. plug the stereo jack in using an ohm meter (or continuity tester) see which side og the jack is common to the ground on the a/c plug that side goes to the threads on the coax the other lead is your signal feed. add some shrink tube to pretty it up and bob's your uncle.

Thanks! But I still need to know where to wire the ends of the stereo plug to the coax jack. Do you know?