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Isnt there any way to just create a virus without wiping your hardrive? Answered

hey guys, I would really like to send a virus but then I dont want to have to wipe my harddrive. Any tips?


One tip would be to stop posting several topics all about the same thing.

well, I just thought my first topic didnt really stand out. Wasnt so descriptive ya know?

First, why would you need to wipe your HD? Second - why do you want to send a virus. Third - do you realize sending said virus is probably illegal in your country.

I dunno. Somebody said something about it bieng big or bad and to wipe your hardrive before creating. I wanna senda a virus for revenge!!! Illegal?hahaha the internet and computer police in my country are pathetic!!They cant even detect illegal things bieng ordered, u think theyd notice virus'?

People who create and / or send a virus should be personally infected with a deadly virus!