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Jack Daniels Independence Contest Answered


I am sorry if this question is repetitive, and I figure who ever is approving videos for The Jack Daniels Contest is overloaded today, but I am just worried that my video submission is somehow void for some reason.

Matter uploading my submission on Friday, I received the email stating:

"If after two business days or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project."

So I will not receive an email stating if I have done anything wrong, which I have not, because the email also says:

- Video of one minute or less explaining what you would do with $25,000 prize
- Date of birth in the text part of the entry
- Entrant is 21 years or older at time of entry"

And I meet all of the requirements:


Should I be worried? I do to miss out on this opportunity due to a technicality. Thanks!


Also confusing is that list of entries now displays "Voting for your favorite entries now!" I thought this was a judged contest? And there doesn't seem to be anywhere to vote. And the entries haven't updated since Friday.

Probably an error in the system, seeing how most of the contests are vote centered. It probably automatically put "vote for blah blah blah" up next to the contest info.

Thats what I'm assuming. I am, by no means, an employee of instructables (though that would be awesome) nor know the inner workings of their site.

Ahhhh I had the same question. I put my entry in last evening before the deadline, and it isn't up on the list. I got a confirmation email saying it had been received, but not one about it being approved. (Well actually it was rejected first because silly youtube was set to Private. But I quickly changed that and resubmitted it.)

You submitted your entry before the deadline, so even if it doesn't get "okayed" before the deadline, the entry will be based on the publish date, versus the approved date. So no need to worry.

If after two business days or so..."

Saturday and Sunday are not "business days". No need to start worrying until Wednesday at the earliest.