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(failed) Jackal v3 -UPDATED- Answered

Ok guys, the project has officially been declared a flop. Too many issues with the shells. Sorry guys.


I have fixed the bottom rail on the gun, it doesnt bend anymore, and I have also added some extra supports to the barrel. I also modded the handle for more comfort (I moved a blue rod on it). The gun fires around 50-60 feet with 2 rubberbands.

Ok, so this is the shell ejecting gun I was talking about. It has a sorta-new barrel (it ejects shells in a pistol barrel, rather than a tan lock), but yeah it has tons of resemblance to the Jackal v2.

This time, the magazine is fixed. Sorry folks, I tried to make a removable version, but the result was a structurally unstable knex gun. But at least its new (may not look like it, but you cant judge a book from its cover)

I may or may not post, I still have to run more tests on it. I cant find another rubberband so Im screwed for range tests at the moment. It does perform decently with one rubberband, with ranges between 15-20 feet. As for shell ejection, If you band the pusher right, it should eject shells from the top perfectly.

One major con that the gun has right off the bat is the fact that it needs 2 broken orange connectors. The reason for this is because using the purple connectors made the ammo fall out of the barrel, and using non-modified orange connectors interfered with the shell ejection.

Now I intended to add a slide to the gun, but the slide I built was structurally weak and didnt work at all. Oh well.

The part that users will have to learn the most is the loading and firing part. If you are loading the gun for the first time, you must pull the firing pin back first, then put all shells in the gun. Then, fire as normal. Now, when you shoot your last round, do not eject the shell. Instead, take the pusher out, then add more shells to the gun. Then fire as normal.

If you are wondering what makes the shells, its just 3 gray spacers wrapped in tape. Credit goes to the dunkis for that.


Proof that I'm the win forever:


i made this from the picture and every thing worked fine for me just the shells wouldnt eject they would get stuck in the top

For me, the shells ejected fine. Did you make sure to cut the 2 orange connectors at the top?

they go on the area where the shells eject. Dont decapitate them, cut the 2 prongs off.

Allright guys, project failed. Too many reliability issues with the shells. I disassembled it and Im gonna rebuild the AR-4 v3 and add mods.

Listen, people; not everything needs a handguard. That's why this is bent, and that's why the OSSR is bent. Plus many other things. But, other than that, very good.

OSSR isnt bent. And its not a handguard, that part is there for sturdiness.

It is bent, at the stock beginning. Okay, then, whatever it is, it'll cure the bend.

Weird, it didnt look bent. I already fixed the bottom rail that is bent, and Ive added additional supports.

I made it not bent. look at the new version.

Not bad but not new either. I've made two shell guns using flat barrels. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my older one that fired white rods from one silver spacer and it won't upload the pictures of my newer one but it's on KI if you want proof.

I will pay a visit to KI if I hear about an interesting build, and on rare occasions, I will pay a visit to KIchat to piss some people off.

Idiotic child. You need to grow up. KI has more facinating builds than Instructables will ever have. I'm not just talking about guns. If you grew up, and stopped acting like you can do what you want, where you want, KI would change it's mind about you. It's the fact you think you can just come into a chat, say what you want and get away with it.

great. You managed to hijack the topic.

Looks like another dipsh** deserves my 1 finger salute btw.

this is in response to your "grow up" comment.

I dont act like I am 16 because I am not 16. If you cant handle that, go away.

Its not the fact I can come into a chat and get away with saying what I want, its the fact that everyone else can get away with saying what they want besides me.

"KI has more fascinating builds than ibles will ever have"

I laugh.

meh, I personally didnt see those when I built this, I dreamed this idea up in my head. Im not posting this as it is though.

KI has more facinating builds than Instructables will ever have.


Let's see, I'bles has..... Food recipes, flashlight hacks, kiting tutorials, real weaponry, sewing tutorials, instructions on how to make a working robot, programing tutorials, animation tutorials, joule thieves, iPod casing, indymogul, and many more.

Knex Innovation has:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH........ No offense dude, just can't help laughing my arse off =P

Are you so ignorant as to not actually know what you are talking about? Do you even know what KI stands for? K'nex Innovation. I would not expect to find anything of those natures on a website for K'nex. That is common sense. Thank you for wasting your time. Also, I'm not part of KI, I just go into the IRC chat, so I guess you failed there, twice. Stick to what you know, instead of what you think you know.

you didnt ever say the instructions were limited to knex only. So technically, hes right.

Weren't you going on about common sense with one of our previous talks? And now you're going against it?

There are times when one changes his mind. Dont look back, move forward.

You mean the times where it only works for you? I'm tried of you trying to look smart and agreeing with other people just to annoy other people. Ok Mr. Don't-Look-Back why can't you leave KI alone? If you truly meant that then you would have easily gotten over whatever happened. You probably aren't spreading the word as much but I'm sure you'll take every opportunity to tell someone wondering what KI is that it sucks.

Ok, you got me, I "Make do". but whatever. Its not like it matters.

You didn't ever say the instructions were limited to kne'x only. So technically, I'm right. Fail claim not proven. And did I ever say even something remotely along the lines of you being a KI member? Fail claim not proven and is reversed. Hahah, keep telling yourself that.

KI stands for Knex Innovation, so technically, I did not need to specify what the instructions were limited to. You are right, you did not say it directly, but how you worded your sentances gave me the impression that you thought I was a KI member. Telling myself what? I thought you hated knex, so I am assuming that you have no idea what happened with KI and DJ Radio. Ofcourse, if you want to hear the full story (what KI said AND what DJ said) then feel free to ask, I'll send you a PM with as much of it as I can.

Eh, OK. I try to not make enemies if I can, and you weren't being arse-hole-ish with your opinion so whatever floats your boat, I guess. And by "keep telling yourself that" I was referring to your rather ignorant behavior, because you told me that I failed twice while in reality I never even said anything along the lines of you being a KI member. And yeah, I would love a detailed PM about KI's feud with DJ.

Ps- give his PM to me, so I can read it.

Okay, to all three. Expect a PM in about half an hour to an hour - however long it takes me to finnish typing.

Cool. And thank you very much in advance.

i might be able to build this...hm...does it use the same technique as the modded ar4?


8 years ago

Whoa... If I didn't look at any of the text, I'd swear it was the "jackal v2"... It looks the exact same to me.

this is larger than the v2. Lolz, I know I basically copied my own gun in terms of look, but I figured it would be the best design to hold shells.


8 years ago

Woah nice!