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Jackal v2-NOW POSTED!!! Answered

its posted!

Well, this is my second attempt at an assault pistol. It kinda looks like a combo of shadowninja/IAC AP. This one uses removable mags. Shoots green rods


- true trigger
- removable mags (expandable)
-30-40 foot range
- looks tight
- capable of rapid fire


- looks like shadowninja's AP
- sometimes, ammo goes down the barrel and gets trapped in the internals.

100% chance of posting!!!!

Credit goes to s0lekill3r for the base idea.


That's not a Jackal 2, this is a Jackal 2!

you do realize that i was not aware of this, and i based the name off a pistol in a video game.

And do you realise that I was making a Crocodile Dundee reference?

Hmm looks like I'll have to redo my old AP then...

old as in oldest. Then again I'm not sure which as the main thing I'm going for is a removable magazine. I think I know what I'm going to do. I actually had a design for an assault pistol around sometime last year which was where I came up with all of the ideas for like my flip up sights, trigger, and stuff like that but I never finished it or even mentioned it because the day after I built it I got horribly sick. I think I'll try that.

I would classify AP's as pistols that dont have mags in the handle and are larger than normal pistols.

something like the TDS2, with a mag in the handle.

why do we always use the same guns for reference? gets old and makes you not wanna build one like that. next time refer to a different gun

well its his only posted pistol set right?
and to a degree all pistols are assault pistols.

I think it was not posted. Just a forum on it. And I thought AP's were larger and the mags were not in the handle unlike pistols.

hm. well if thats true, then a lot of guns here have been incorrectly labeled. also, yeah it could be. he has a history somewhere on ka that shows way back when. there were some pistol things there i think.

Basically a pistol is any short barreled weapon in K'nex. Usually no longer than the firing pin. Then it splits into a few subcategories. Side arms in my terminology is any repeating pistol of small size. Generally this meant it had to be handle fed but I would consider the spiff and weapons like EB's side arm to be small enough as well. Assault pistols will usually use a larger caliber although not all do (like my one for dark greys with greens) and are made more for power. The main difference is that an AP is generally used as a main war weapon while a side arm is just that- a side arm.

I guess I can agree with you mostly on this one. Although that does bring back my problem of labeling then....

the new one looks much better than the old 1

its also more comfortable and more powerful.

cool ! im gonna build it right now then i will get back to you!!

Wow, I really like this! Just, the handle is abit small, and the hinges will be a problem, but I can mod it. I hope to see this.

My hand fits perfectly in the handle, with some room to spare. How are the hinges a problem for you? Do you not have any? Top rail is optional, but makes it look better.

You must have small hands :P I have no hinges, but I can easily find a way to get around that (there is always a way). I will definately build this.

nah, my hands are pretty big (medium size) You could just omit the top rail, its only there for looks (and it adds a nice sight.)

I have bigger hands than everyone in my family, and bigger hands than most people older than me, lol. I may omitt the rail, I may make a new one. :P

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Uhh... Thankyou? And Dudley Do Right or Dudley from Harry Potter? Or some other Dudley?

Lol, I'm not fat y'know, or snobby. :P

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No. You will, or I will track you down with my storm 221 v2.