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Jollex's Innovationist's Tournament [Round 1] Answered


This first round is going to be different from normal contests because it will be done in teams of two. There are 24 participants, therefore there will be 12 teams, picked by me. If you do not like your team, you may mail me and I will be willing to change them. The top 6 teams will move on to round two.

The criteria for this first round is gun mechanisms. You should try to make the most complex mechanism you can with the most moving parts possible. Range will not be a factor when your entry is being judged, however it will boost your entry.


-Millawi Legend
-logic boy

-lukas rider




-Killer safe cracker





-DJ Radio



7 years ago

I see this was another tournament that came out SOO perfectly.

So...if there are only 4 entries are we just letting those 8 people just head right in to the next round? Sad, I was hoping for plenty more entries.

There would be, but sooooo many people bailed. Sprout_less replied to me like once, logic bailed, selez bailed, leaving me, mallawi, and Aeronous parterless lol

Oh yeah and Logic Boy left ibles.

I think I already know three of the four winning teams.

Lemme guess, Zak+Mepain, Killer~SafeCracker+DJ Radio, Jollex+TheDunkis, and maybe logic boy and Millawi legend, but I think me and Selez will prolly beat them, because they aren't that innovative. Logic Boy made a gun which blocked the bands instead of the ram, and that was pretty much it.

Artillery gun? Come on, every knex gun is an artillery gun, it shoots artillery which happen to be knex pieces?! But I'm guessing this one launches grenades. FANTASTIC me and Selez will still top that easily, Jollex ALREADY made one!

What about my MP7? I never made an MP7. You are paired up with KSC, so he will do everything. Me and Selez will smash anything you make, and at least we are not dumb enough to tell everyone what we are making. Whatever you do to help KSC will no doubt make it much worse.

Can we start over? I don't want to fight with you.

yeh we're always fighting i just get so annoyed when people compare to my rubbish iblesand i have nothing to come back with ps: thanks for 800 comments

Nothing to come back with? Maybe you should try and make something new and innovative.

Is that why you don't post anymore? YOU think people think that your ibles are bad? Who told you they were bad, DjRadio? Ignore him, he's self-centered. My train keeps getting compared to Kairah's, thats the way the nasty people work on this site, like Dj, they concentrate on what something isn't, rather than what something IS. Hiyadudez used to do that a lot: 'good, but Shadowman made one better' and 'good but have you seen Kairah's? It kicks this one's @ss in every way'

Lol sprout didn't do anything so I geuss you could say he bailed lol

The first 3 teams you mentioned are amongst the most innovative in the knexing community.

Yeah I know, thats why I said them DUH! Oh wait soz, no I mean that I think that me and Selez will beat L-boy and Millawi, not the others, but maybe Zak+Mepain, because what they did wasn't that innovative.

Well it wasn't. It was just another turret rifle with a two stage (BEEN DONE BEFORE) trigger, and a stupid bird head (WTF???) on the top.

You're actually pathetically stupid and don't know how to take a joke. You still think that Mepain was part of the project. As for "just another turret rifle with a two stage trigger", the gun wasn't even meant to be for the contest. The whole point of the gun is that it shoots two shots off the turret at a time or one by one.

So because I keep getting them confused makes me pathetically stupid. What are you going to enter for the contest then?

No. You are actually so stupid, you must be trolling but you don't know what that is. I said, "wasn't even meant to be fore the contest," which means that is is the entry you dipshit. I don't know what you're trying to pull Visper, but really, it's not doing any good.

I'm not Visper. I know that is the entry, but there is more than one round, so I'm asking what are you going to enter for the contest then.

Whatever, I'm not, I know it, and I don't care what you think.


I still don't see my name up there bro.

Bakenbitz! Whatever! You both rock as much.