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K'Nex Guns Need To Move On! Answered

Alright, someone needs to say this so i will.

Knex guns are stuck in this sort of, generic handguns, average assault rifles, shotguns with nothing new.
We all need to rack our brains and come up with some concepts, then post them. So we can all have a crack at a what would be considered "HARD" concept. We need to be trying new ideas. We're stuck in a dark age of nothing new (only rarely something good might come out) we need to step forward .

Basically, I'd much rather see some pics of a failed concept and what you were trying to acheive than, "Removable Mag Handgun" or "M8AR (MegaMetal8's Assault Rifle)" which is just a generic removable mag gun.

I Say one of us with quite alot of subs needs to make a ible/forum where EVERYONE has access and can post concepts.

Its just getting boring with all this, so for more fun and ideas. Together, LETS DO THIS!

Thankyou for reading and together we can make this happen.



I enjoy making super powerful knex guns. I have made several versions of a gun that uses 2 3' bungee cords to propel a sharpened rod hard enough to penetrate 1/2 inch plywood at point blank range or fly over 150 feet. I used a high speed camera to find out the speed it shot once and found out that it propeled rods at about 80-100 mph. As far as I know, no one but me has ever built a gun like this. It is 4 feet long, very sturdy, uses between 3,000 and 6,000 pieces (depending on the model) and fires one shot. Basically it's the most powerful knex sniper rifle ever. I will be posting an ible soon.

I mean not to disrespect, but power isn't what we're aiming for. We wet through our slingshot phase a few years back. Anyone (well, mostly anyone with decent experience and the pieces) can figure out how to make a long, sturdy slingshot and use whatever strong elastic material they can to propel it far. It's simple engineering. What we're interested in is concepts and mechanisms that do complex things. It requires thinking and twiddling with K'nex pieces in ways that were never intended even further than what we've already done just by making things that shoot.

But you can start off simple and work your way up. For example, a concept someone had was using a slingshot weapon but with a rail barrel that and a container that held a lot of ammo that would be shot out for a shotgun effect. So the sling shoots the container down the rail, stopping at the end, and the dispersing the shot. Maybe you could combine this with your gun to make a very powerful shotgun, one of the most effective single shots ever.

It's not a slingshot. It looks like a bazooka. and it is a completely origional design

What exactly would you prefer to see? I do think that more innovations would be good, however they will come as they are created, and until someone gets a great idea, they probably will just post general improvements of other guns, without your magical "innovation". This should probably be renamed to "K'nex Gun Makers: Try Something New And Not Done Before!". (Note: I note trying to insult but only commenting and suggesting that people should try something new, and yes, while my past I'bles seem very similar, I am working on new things)

There's already a forum for that. It's called knexinnovation.

He is making a valid point, things still seem to advance slowly on there, whereas we've hit a standstill. The reason people seem not to like it, myself included, is the attitude of the main community on KI. We are basically split on the grounds that a lot of iblers don't like the way they interract with each other.

Same with me. (KI)

Looking back I guess he is trying to be helpful.

Sorry mettaurlover


7 years ago

+1 to this topic. This needed to be said.

Lol, story of 85% of our community. You can't force innovation.

I've posted pictures of failed concepts before, but nobody has ever attempted to make a working version of my concepts.

Tbh, people can't be bothered (I guess I can't to!)

So im gonna crack out the knex again for a while.

I pretty much already posted this topic...I also gave some ideas. The simple truth is that people can't be bothered, they're tapped out. I don't have the pieces to try anything and complex and I have better places to spend my money for college than on getting more parts. We'll see how things go in the future. We can make sure K'nex won't die, even if slows down for a while.

Same, I don't have enough grey conns for a TR18 turret!

Innovation cannot be forced.

I Realize that. Im just sort of encouraging us?

You think we aren't trying? You think that we dont know we've stopped? The whole idea is to use each others' ideas to advance. We have hit a brake point, and what we need is a new idea to carry things forward to the next level.

It's already been said, but innovation can't be forced. We just need to wait.

It can't be forced, but it can be encouraged. That's what he's trying to do.

But then it doesn't help that I STILL haven't gotten any good help for a possibly revolutionary K'nex weapon. It's there, it's sitting on the table, but everyone else just stares at it while I wait for someone to pick it up and do something with it. >_>

All over, I have described my idea at least 5 times. I think I might've on my own thread like this. Click on my name and search my recent threads, I forget the exact name, but it'll be recognizable.

I Totally agree, I feel bad having not posted in ages, If it works ill post a ball machine soonish.

Please link/tell other people about this!


Well recently much better things, especially semi autos, have been introduced, but I do agree with you.


7 years ago

I totally agree. There are more than enough "generic" guns on here. That's why i haven posted any thing in almost a year, i haven't been able to come up with anything that's new. The best I've been able to come up with is a mag loaded sling shot.