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K'Nex Semi/Fully Automatic Gun Concept Answered

Alright, I stink at MSPaint, so here it goes:

LouisXIV's famous semi-automatic "gun" (https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Powerful_Semi_Automatic_Gun_1/) has a lot to do with this. I was thinking how to make a semi-automatic gun when this idea popped into my head:

You have a bunch of grey connectors in the barrel at a time, but either a gap just barely too small for them at the end, or LousXIV's mechanism, is at the end, trapping the bullets in unless under pressure. There is a notched firing pin* that you pull back (see http://www.google.com/imgres?q=toy+smg&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&rlz=1C1CHNV_enUS370US370&biw=1680&bih=935&tbm=isch&tbnid=ijx0IyYxpqN_jM:&imgrefurl=http://www.kapowwe.com/toy-mp5.html&docid=dBcMAxK0eQoSqM&w=573&h=297&ei=zSMzTtSuDY260AGU2bWMDA&zoom=1 It is a toy that one of my friends used to have, you pull the orange tab back, and as long as you hold the trigger, the tab keeps going forward until you have to pull it back again). The trigger is a regular trigger, say, from TheDunkis' TDS, the difference being that the part in the barrel ends in a green rod to lock into the firing pin. There is tremendous pressure on the firing pin. When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin pushes and squeezes the grey connector(s) out of the barrel, but when the trigger is released, it locks into one of the notches on the firing pin. I am not sure about a detachable magazine yet, as they would all have to be lined up facing the end, but you could certainly load in a bunch at a time and see.

*A firing pin with a concept used in conjunction with motors to make an automatic turret, you would have, for example, a grey rod, and lined on it are a grey connector, two blue spacers, grey connector, etc.


Feedback is appreciated.


Concept guns are made for power sometimes...

Well, what I meant was, most semi auto concepts were made to be semi auto, not powerful.

Ahh. You know that not all concepts are semi-auto ones though, right?

You get what I mean, man. I have built just about every semi-auto that I can get my hands on and they're never powerful.

Now some eccentric k'nex builder will give me a link to some random semi-auto that's powerful, I'm sure, but my point is, the point of this sin't power.

Great. I just KNEW someone would bring that up... Heh.

The magazine alone takes up half the gun, and people like me don't have that many pieces. Not to mention this would potentially have full-auto capability. Also, it's a different mechanism, but thanks for the input.

Wow you must not have more than 200 parts because most people can build that.

I can't build it. I have two small black boxes and a slightly larger orange box for making skeletal trucks.

Get more parts. That gun is barely anything parts-wise.

Yeah, well, my parents think I have too much k'nex as it is.

I would consider getting just enough pieces to build this, because if you have enough pieces for it, then you have enough for almost all the small/medium assault rifles available. But I agree the mag is bulky, but Kinetic likes over-engineering his guns :)

I suppose so. His idea was pretty smart. This idea is different, but maybe there would be a way to adapt his method of making it so powerful to this gun.

I understand how it works. Oblivitus made a magazine that did what you are proposing, but did not have a trigger. The problem with it is finding the right balance between the rubberbands on the pin and on the squeezer at the front. I tried a horizontal one with a squeezer and it only shot the first one far.

Yeah, that's the problem with most. I think with the right tension, though, it could shoot each one equally far.

It's not just the tension, the next round prevents the squeezer fully squeezing down.

Well, you could only truly know by building it... Hehe.

I made a horizontal one. It's on my concepts instructables as a diagram, but it doesn't have the notched pin :(

Hmm... If I had enough k'nex I'd've had it built already. I know what would need to be done.

L bow concept was originally designed for max power.