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K'Nex at the Web2.0 conference Answered

Hey there.

I'm sitting at the Web2.0 expo in downtown SF, eating lunch with one hand and typing with the other. There are lots of smart nerdy people here, and when I've properly woken up I'll probably talk to more of them. If you're at the conference and reading this, come find me and I'll give you a robot sticker!

The fun part: I'm going to present a quick talk at the evening session about the K'Nex guns here on Instructables! Most of the people here are too old to have grown up with K'Nex, but they'll think it's really cool. I'll update this evening to let you know how it went.



11 years ago

Update: a bit of video posted by Fumi here. Thanks, Fumi!

First is a quick interview with Fumi (for her blog readers) at the very end of the conference (I'm completely dead on my feet, so slightly incoherent) then a bit of my talk, starting with the slide of mepain's shifle.


11 years ago


They loved it! I'll post more after getting some sleep, but everyone thought the guns (and the videos) were totally sweet.

hey so can i have a update

Actually, today they told me it's 15,000 people.

They videotaped it; I'll post a link if it goes up.

They liked it so much I'm going to present again as a Keynote speech on Wednesday am for >3,000 people! You guys are totally famous. I'm now actually sitting at the conference- they just announced that I'll be in the second round of talks. I'll post links to some of the blog posts the conference people have made. It'll probably be tomorrow or Thursday, because I've got limited battery. ;)

Thats awesome! Instructables is getting more famous by the day! Great work everyone!

Awesome! Please post text of presentation or video or anything! I've seen the pdf.

I just put up a .pdf of my notes on the same post. I've asked about video, but no luck.