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Key Retractor How to Make Answered

Has anyone figured out how to make your own key retractor/key reel/badge reel? I use them a lot, but none of them have exactly the features I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like something with:
  • Metal case
  • loop to attach to belt/pants/whatever with string or wire
  • stainless steel retractable wire
  • split ring on retracting end


Maybe take apart a metal case tape measure, replace the measuring tape with your thin steel cable. I think you need the wound spring mechanism inside one of those things. Good luck.

A nylon strap might also work in the the tape measure .
It probably wouldn't be too hard to find a strap that's
the same width as the metal tape.

The metal wires are the ones that always break on me. Your mileage may vary but the regular strings last much longer.

My word! That must have taken you hours and hours of searching to finally uncover. You are so amazingly considerate to have saved the OP all of that drudgery.