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Kickstarter for DeltaTrix 3D Printer Answered

After a lot of work and hard effort, I finally managed to complete and submit my project to the good folks at Kickstarter. The idea is to offer my DeltaTrix 3D Printer design in kit-form, for anyone to pre-order in the next few weeks and self assemble in a few months time. Have a look at the Kickstarter Preview Link, and let me know what you think. I am planning to publish the actual time of going live on this forum, before it takes place.

Many thanks for your attention,
Richard Tegelbeckers


I actually forgot to mention the re-launch of my Kickstarter campaign here:


Check it out, there are only a few hours left and this time it is going ahead!

DSCI0009-cropped 210514a.jpg

The final 48 hours of my Kickstarter campiagn are now counting down. Check out the latest update (#5) there, for an amazing promotion... Don't miss out!!!

First of all, many thanks for your interest and the kind remarks!

Good news, my Kickstarter project has been accepted! I will be launching it on the 26th of December 2013 at 18:00 pm GMT. Have a wonderful festive season and the best wishes for 2014!

That is the strangest machine I have ever seen, well done on a fantastic project.

I had the opportunity to witness this 3D printer. I was amazed by the speed at which this printer creates detailed output. Seeing is believing.


4 years ago

Good luck lovely!x