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Kit Contest: parts from the list or _only_ parts from the list? Answered

I hope the title makes my question clear already, but to make sure:

In the Kit-contest, can we use parts from the parts list together with other (commonly available) parts? Or can we only use parts from the parts list in a project to be eligible?


If you part with the parts list are you sure the list of the departed are partly from the list of other parts or belong to the enlisted party than will run the 1st part of the act from the second part of the list of plays where your part has been partly added to the 1st part of the list of the almost departed among the enlisted kits & cats ?…


Just from the parts listed in the Kits Contest page. Which components are you thinking that aren't covered in the list?

No, only other stuff would be household items like paper or cardboard or a plastic enclosure.