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Knex gun questions... Answered

I have a few questions 1. What is true trigger? what does it do? 2. Is a gun that fires bullets through a ram a RBG? 3. Would a gun powered by a ram get the bullets out of a extra long barrel? 4. what's the difference between slide action and bolt action? 5. How would you make a cock? 6. What's a bipod? 7. How would you build a fixed mag? If I have any more questions, I'll edit the topic and bump the topic


1. A true trigger is a type of trigger. There are three main types. Block triggers are triggers that are perpendicular to the barrel, to disengage the trigger, you must push it down. True trigger, often mistake as a block trigger that is pulled like a real trigger. These triggers usually rotate on its vertex and pull down something that blocks the barrel vertically.
This gun has a true trigger.
This gun has a block trigger.
A sear trigger is the last of the three types, instead of blocking the triggers path, the sear simply holds the firing pin back from the back of the firing pin.
This gun has a sear system.

2. Look at skates comment.

3. I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but I think your asking if a gun is powered by a ram can it go through a long barrel. Answer; it depends on the power of the gun.

4. Slide action is when you slide part of a gun back, like on a pistol. Pump action is the same thing, but the pump (slide) is on the bottom of the gun instead of the top. This gun is slide action. Bolt action (knex terms) usually means you have to pull back a firing pin in order to fire. Bolt action (real terms) means that when you pull a bolt back, it loads ammo into the gun, aswell as primes it for firing. The difference between the two is that a knex bolt action just primes the gun for firing, it doesn't load ammo.

5. I think you mean firing pin. To make one, simply get a rod and add an orange connector or a ball socket on the end of the rod. Tape is usually needed to keep it held together after firing.

6. Bipod, a type of gun stand. Usually goes towards the front of a gun.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Magazines can be tricky. There are two main ways of loading a knex gun. Magazine or hopper. Hoppers are placed on the top of a gun and just use gravity to load bullets in. Magazines are placed on the bottom of the gun and use a pusher of sorts powered by rubber bands to push pieces up into the gun.

To make a magazine, first you must make a breach in the barrel or the gun you are working with. That means you need to have a space in the barrel. In order for the rods to load in one by one and line up properly with the barrel, you must use tan connectors in the gap you made. Breach with tan connectors. Using tan connectors often results in jamming, so a better method is more commonly used. This method involves modifying pieces. You must cut orange connectors in half. This makes it so there is a round cradle for the bullet to load into. Using a combination of tan connectors and modified orange connectors works best.

To make the actual magazine, you must first decide what rod you want to be able to load. Yellow rod magazine. If you want the magazine for bigger rods, simply make the magazine longer. If you want shorter rods, make the magazine shorter.

Attaching the magazine to the gun can sometimes be the hardest part. The easiest way is to just somehow connect the magazine's edges to the rest of the barrel. Like so.

Sorry I can't be quite as descriptive but basically a hopper works by gravity feeding. It uses the same breach system as a magazine fed gun but they fall from the top. They usually are just magazines without the pusher. Some are like ramps and others use double "V" ramps to store a lot of ammo. Sorry I don't have a link to an example.

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1. It's a trigger, for the gun, that is fired like a real gun trigger.

2. No. RBG=Rubber band gun.

3. No comment.

4. Slide would be like a pistol, where you slide the top back to cock and it slides back. Bolt = sniper rifle where you pull back a bolt to cock it.

5. You don't make a cock, you cock something.

6. It holds the gun up when you place it on the ground. Bipod = 2 legs. Tripod = 3 legs.

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