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Knex sniper rifle Answered

I have a partially completed sniper at home and i wanted to know if you guys want me to finish and post it, i mean, theres no point posting if it gets a cr*p reception, eh? And it is currently unnamed so i am open to suggestions about that aswell. At the moment it has a cool carrying strap (not mine), a bolt loading system (classic) a bipod, a monopod, and a nifty scope (not mine) I am also working on a new mech for possible semi auto, ill get back to you if it gets anywhere.


I think the scope looks the best. Does it shoot?


Call it the Paper Shreader

Can you post it as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kinda think the carrying strap on a rifle with a scope is not a good idea, since it would just get in the way.

show the strap plzz i wanna put on mine if u dont mind


9 years ago

Liek the scope, stock's ok, and the bipod and the barrel is too weak.

yes, i took off the barrel, im adding a new one.

if u post, call it the longbow SR-L

u said about an ar-4 commando on another thread... now a longbow sr. Ever played an obscure game called goldeneye rogue agent, perhaps?

ya, i own the game, but it got taken away.........................