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I recently came across a HeNe (Helium Neon) Laser module, probably from some medical equiptment. it has no power supply, but im in the process of acquiring one. Does anybody Have any suggestions for what i should do with it? it will be my first post, but definitely not my first project. i'm not accustomed to working with lasers, so any help would be appreciated. Sepcifications: 15 Mw max class 3b model no. LGK 7621 MM


An HeNe laser is relatively tame but you can use it to build a barcode scanner, laser range finder, laser level, etc. If not into heavy duty stuff, there was a post recently on bouncing a laser beam off a reflector attached to a speaker and pointing it toward a wall for a cool light show device driven by music. bst

. Try searching for LGK 7621 MM. It worked for me.