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LED Grow Lights Answered

The Rundown... Ok, well, I was looking into writing an instructable (assuming that I can assemble it myself) on how to make your own LED grow light. I've got a few hours of research in to it and I was trying to figure out the most cost effective to way to build my own... ( I know it's normal to spend $300 on a grow light but I just can't justify it. :-/ ) Does anyone out there have any experience with different wavelengths or can anyone recommend locations/LEDs to buy? The little bit of information that I have as of right now is all single source so anyone with a bit of experience would be a lot of help. Thanks!


As I understand it, plants thrive on all colors of the light spectrum outside of green. That's why leaves reflect green. If you were to combine red, yellow and blue LEDs, you'd cover much of that spectrum.

While that is true, plants only need light in the red and blue areas of the spectrum. These are the areas controlling both ends of photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.

You can guess at the wavelengths from this.

So a guess would be 450-495 nm and 610-650 nm would be good coverage.

So this LED has a peak emission of 468 nm, a nice middle value, and this LED has a peak value of 625 nm, also a nice middle value.

I've had good a experience with LSDiodes, but it looks like you'll need much more than one LED to have a useful grow light.



go to radio shack and get the value pack for 3 bucks it comes with 25 leds