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LED wiring standards? Answered

Making a wooden rangehood for my wife for our annivesary, and I want to use LEDs  for the light source. I wan to use 3 banks of 30 lights in each 4X8" oval space, and from what I have read it would seem to better to wire each set in parallel. My question is, do I need to put a resistor on each LED to adjust the voltage to the proper amount, or (since it is wired parallel) will one work for all?



one current regulation device per led, whether a resistor or other from of current limiter.


7 years ago

I'd suggest buying a few LED light strings from someplace like dealextreme.com. Then all you'd have to do is feed each one with 12V and you're done!

One word of caution, though: The light spectrum from a set of LEDs is very different from incandescents; so much so that the food you guys prepare may look different than when it's served. A mixture of "cool white" and "warm white" LEDs may help.

Its better to put them in serial strings with one resistor per string.