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Laserjet toner cartridge refills: is it at all possible to refill them yourself? What's that black stuff inside? Answered


Just rather buy the compatible and it work very good with a good price.  Quality Office Supplies or qua24 is the best place in Toronto, Canada I always buy from.   You can buy a compatible cartridge from any major store too.  Good luck!

My present cartridge ( about six years old ) is on it's eigth refill. Your milage may vary, but if you are careful it should be quick and clean. 1) You will definitely need: old clothes, a table with lots of free room, a mask ( optional ), a few papers towels, a vacuum or handvac and some newspapers. Oh and a bright light. 2) Spread the newspapers around the table 3) Look at your cartridge, depending on printer and the manufacturer of the cartridge, you may have some way pof removing the top or the side. If so remove it. If not use a soldering iron to make a hole. Generally the companies that sell the "ink"/toner will also sell a kit to make a hole and to plug it when done. 4) If the cartridge came apart, you should find a chamber where the ink is stored. Pour ink into the chanber and close it. If you made a hole pour ink into the hole and seal the hole someway. 5) Clean up. Some newer printers have a chip in the cartridge. The manufacturers say it's there to tell you when ink is low. The truth is it's there to prevent you from refilling your cartridge. ( They want you to buy their expensive brand new cartridges. ) Generally the places that sell ink also sell replacement chips. Before I would even buy a printer I would check if it needs a replacement chip. Unless those were the only printers available I would not buy such a computer.

. You can refill them yourself. Kits are available. It's a messy job. Unless you are on a real tight budget, I'd suggest recycling. A lot of places will let you trade in a used cartridge (plus some cash) for a refilled one. . Some laser printers have the drum in the cartridge. Print quality declines over the life of the drum and it will have to be replaced every so often. . . The black stuff is the toner of toner cartridge fame and is a polymer (plastic) powder. For more details, Google is your friend.