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Lawnmower on a Stick Answered

Our Stuff on a Stick Contest is just for food, but if it was for any crazy item on a stick, Steve McGranahan's lawnmower on a stick would be a strong contender. It's ridiculous and dangerous and mesmerizing at the same time. Check it out.

via Neatorama

UPDATE: Just wanted to add this other video of Steve doing some "skeet shooting." Action starts around :45.


Hideously dangerous, but what a great guy!

I'd have a beer with him any day. (Well, he'd probably have about ten for my one...)

Kinda what I would imagine if Nacho invited us over for a barbeque, but I think he is a bit thinner.

OMG!! I love this guy! As someone else said, I, too, would have a beer with this guy anytime!

I watch Bill Engvall's video show as often as I can......it is nearly akin to the "1,000 Ways to Die" show. :-)

Ark.... Can.... Saw.... I almost wet my pants. The fact that he just had an ark lying around and that he made a viewing gesture instead of pulling out... a saw... just brilliant. Comedic genius. I am amazed.

wow, I thought the article I read the other day with the videos of the guy who broke the landspeed record on a petrol lawnmower at almost 88 mph was pretty amazing but this one is even more amazing (in a kind of scary way)! PS - if you want to read the articl about the racing lawnmower it is http://hubpages.com/hub/Petrol-Lawnmower-beats-Land-Speed-Record

Hahaha thats fantastic beautiful in its simplicity its a lawnmower.... but on a stick ...