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Like/Dislike button for comments. Answered

Hello, I had an idea for the comments. There should be a like/dislike button for the comments. It would work similar to facebook, you vote once, but you can un-vote also. I have posted a picture to show you what I am talking about. Oh and PS, it would not post the like/dislike to your wall if you actually do have a facebook. 


Oh, no thank you. We're already more than tangled up enough with FB.

I came back and started a new account, saw the facebook login, and thought:

Oh no, it's gone to s***.

I just got rid of my facebook account due to privacy issues with facebook, people posting about how they dedicate their eternal souls to rock bands, and people trying to guilt me into "copy and paste this to your wall if you are my true friend". Pure nonsense.

(Oh, and sorry for commenting on a month old comment...)

I would like this option, and give it one better: I would also like the option to manage the comments on my own instructables. I created the instructable, so I would like to be able to moderate the discussion that takes place on it myself. There are plenty of discussions that occur in the comments that are a result of one member asking another about something totally unrelated. They don't break any rules that would make them worthy of flagging, but the talk is often not at all related to the instructable.

Don't think it'd be too effective tbh. Like the rating system on the many Ibles here it seems like it could be flawed. For example, I can see how any comment that criticises anything (no matter what it is) would get a lot of negatives.

I like the idea…Like on youtube people can thumbs up your coment then it makes it a top comment. I know some other people arn't, but im with you on this one

This isn't Failbook.

I know. I was just suggesting an idea for the comments.

You can already rate comments on a 1-5 scale. Your suggestion is redundant.

Wow. That was awfully close to "Your argument is invalid," but I don't really have an appropriate picture to use :-/

Look directly to the right of the text you are reading at this moment. See those five grey stars? Oh, wait. They aren't grey any more because I just put in a rating. Too bad I'bles applies an offset, equal to about 3.18.

I see the 5 not so gray stars. Sorry if im acting dumb.

And what should have been implied in my comment below...my apologies for misunderstanding. I still think it's a bad idea, but it is not something already present.

Augh. Well, LiRa just pointed out how amazingly stupid I was. She's right, and you're implicitly right. You can rate the topic, not individual comments.

There is (or was) a Firefox plug-in, based on Greasemonkey, which you could use to rate comments. I don't know whether it still functions after all of the site updates.

Haha, I was getting really paranoid that you had features I didn't. :D
The comment rater script is borked. :'( I don't even think we have a backup of it...and Zach doesn't reply to pms. :-(

Huh? Rate comments? That 3.68 is for the forum topic. I don't get the joke...?

yea thats pretty much the idea lol, except it wont post the like/dislike to your wall.