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Links to Instructable's. External. Answered

I've noticed many odd pages such as..... www.janeapplebottom.instructables.com/ id/My-Completeables/ They creep me out... can't figure out the purpose... If there were extra google ads etc added making them profit, that would explain it... Yet the page appears exactly the same as if it was through instructables.... do you believe they get web hits or something? I seem to be getting more and more of these.



10 years ago


I'm not sure what the original idea behind the weird urls was, but, on the rare occasions my school's filters block a thread or 'ible, using the jane version by-passes the filter, somehow.

Heh...I was once using Firefox on a U3 flash drive at school, and it blocked the Firefox downloads page because apparently shareware sites are evil. I then went to Instructables and loaded a page on how to make thermite, then one on how to make gunpowder. Filters are kind of stupid.

@Kiteman: You probably caused them to manually add it... naughty Kiteman!!!

@CameronSS: *gasp* FLOSS =/= shareware!!!
That almost deserves a slap...

*:-D* Ironically, I was trying to install Adblock to the flash drive, thus preventing the filters from having to deal with a vast amount of potentially questionable content. I despise school computers.

as I said before, you can do this indefinetly. You can put anything in front of .instructables (to an extent, to many letters wont work) and it will show you a carbon copy of insturctables.

But that still doesn't explain why some one would go to the trouble of doing so...

Maybe Eric bought all of the .instructables.com domain names? He has bought destructables.com and instructibles.com.