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Little Glass Vials, ideas? Answered

Hi guys, I recently found about 150/200 small glass vials in a salvage warehouse, they were too great to leave and i managed to get all of them for 4GBP! The problem im having is what to do with them? im open to all kinds of suggestions i just feel they deserve a good use! Thought i'd throw it out to the pros, any help? Thanks!! 15ml - Volume 25mm - Diameter 48mm - Height 22mm clip - Neck finish


Those would be super cute for the cake in a jar instructable.... Or mini-wine shots.... Or grow a plant, use it for an ant farm, etc. Thousands of uses!

Decorate your vials with lady bugs and or small flowers. Bugs made of hot melt glue, painted with acrylic paint. Cman


A smaller scale version of this art installation where she makes a pixel-art portrait by filling the vials with different colored water and arranging them in a grid.

When I saw "little glass vials" I thought of alice in wonderland.... but i'm sure there's something cooler out there to do with them ... hmmmmm

I would recommend Buying something SUPER BULK and then fill it on up and sell it at a local market or possibly over the internet ( craigslist, Ebay , Etc.

I had around 12-20 of something similar only they were only about half that size, that I had emptied (I forget what liquid was in them; something one took internally, I believe). I had never really found a use for mine either.

pocket plant? lol

What is 4GBP? And you could be like on Whale Wars where you fill them up with that acid that smells real bad and throw them on the Japanese whaling ships so they stop killing the whales!

4GBP = Four Great British Pounds. Roughly $6-$7

The site often does odd things to the £ sign, and GBP is the accepted web-wide alternative anyway (like Americans spend USD).

Those are fairly cheap, but not the cheapest. Can you get any dry ice?
Otherwise find some contents and sell 'em.


Make a long, narrow, opaque box. Drill a row of holes in the top of the box, and illuminate the inside. Fill the phials with coloured or cloudy liquids, and stand them over the holes. Stand the whole thing on the mantle piece, switch on and admire.