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Looking for group to work on a 3d video game Answered

Looking to form a Team to help make a 3d video game. I've pretty much written everything (Script, level design concept , characters, story) so the game is ready to be made. I'm decent at 3ds max but I'm willing to use whatever program the group would prefer. The style of the game  is a open world post apocalyptic desert. Its a miserable place with few friends and many enemies. You'll play as a female protagonist with the persona somewhat of a western outlaw such as billy the kid. Its dark comedy, quirky humor, and gritty. The gameplay will be like a mix of red-dead redemption style of gunaplay and gadgets that help traverse and explore the world like the batman arkham series. What we will need is - Coders / modelers / and anyone else who's interested. I've put a couple of somewhat concept art so you can get a picture of what I'm looking for.


I want to help!

I'm a composer , i have a bit more than a year and a half composing and i think my work is very good, however , i really would like make music for video games or cinema , what is very different to compose songs just to hear, so i'm relatively new in this field.

I have to say that english is not my native language and i might have some problems to express my ideas (i don't have problems understanding english).

I would love to improve my skills helping in a project like a videogame, so , please reply me with the answer , can i help?

My e-mail is geellyisme@gmail.com

hey i hope im not late but is everything done or ypu still someone else ?

im really good at level designe using unreal engine and if i creat most of the time terains like those photos you posted

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interested, I have an experience in 3d modeling, some texturing experience and
worked with image editing. If needed can do some sound work as well.

Though my
main interest is the game designing itself, i.e. conceptualizing game world,
systems, ideas overall. It all stems from huge amount of gaming I’ve done past

Open to conversation.

Those are just concept art to give you a feel of the vibe im looking for and some are pics from the anime Desert Punk which is really the look im going for. but I use 3ds max.