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Lost in translation Answered

This is just plain funny.


This website basically takes any inputted english phrase and translates it back and forth through 5 languages using babelfish. The results are often peculiar, if not downright stupid.

Some examples:

I'm a little tea pot, short and stout.
translates to
They are a small POTENTIOMETER, short circuits and a beer of malzes of the tea.

a cookie is just a cookie, but fig newtons are fruit and cake.
translates to
biskuit has expert of biskuit, but Newton von Fig is fruit and hardens.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.
translates to
If the moon fixes its eye like a great vector of Fleischpie of the vector of Pizzapie, is the lover.

And my personal favourite so far:

I think therefore I am
translates to:
Task that is therefore


The Big Mac is a hamburger consisting of two 1.6 oz (45.4 g) beef patties, iceberg lettuce, American cheese, pickles, onion and special McDonald's "Mac" sauce (a Thousand Island dressing variant) served on a three part sesame seed bun. Imper a Amburgo one, this one is great of two 1,6 ounces exists (45,4 G) cattles small of cakes, controlling insalata one of iceberg, the American of the cheese, the memories with the vinegar, the clearly special bulb and "Mac" of McDonald; the sauce (the alternative of the ascent of thousand consoles) was useful in a milk bun of the value begins them for the generator of the accidental number of the Indian of sesams of the relation of transformation three. LOL, I love this thanks for the link!

Hehe The monkey is in the tree with my hairdresser, although he is an elephant, so the whole process can easily be deemed a pure waste of potential human intelligence. Became The rammer to exempt the fall is in the tree with the hall the mine of the hairdressing salon, exactly if it is an elephant, therefore the complete process can have to lose pure easy considered of the possible human of intelligence.

I'm going to go try this right now... I love doing mad libs and translating them to Chinese and back to English.

Last night I visited the worst restaurant I have ever been to. It was located right in the middle of a cliff just outside of town. The name of the place, "Wet Chris's," was lit up with big garish indigo lights. The seats were mushy and scaly and the tables were less than silky, but the atmosphere was embarrassing nonetheless. A month or so passed, and then a waitress came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Dirty, and I'll be your server. May I take your order?" "Aargh!" I said. "It's about time. I've been sitting here for a month! I'd like a bowl of coconut, the cottage cheese and raspberries dinner plate with extra raspberries, hold the kiwi fruits, and a #o of #p." kettle of gasoline." My food came promptly -- it took about a weekend, by my watch. I must say, I enjoyed the meal, especially the raspberries, though I spilled some gasoline on my shirt. I had the leftovers put in a cup so I could take it home. I'm going back tomorrow. Turned into: The one that is uniform yesterday, that one that I install, I became fullfilled a definitive false material restaurant with. The cities of superhigh of Filo'n this are exactly this intermediate name. Slowly, " The name was bathed of " of crith; The indigo of light/write, of that the force, gaudily surrounded. The center is motivatings force, is little frequent a situation of the form of the scale and the contact of the skin the vector, is good, but spitefully with the impacciato of the atmosphere with the causes you later that to the interior. Month the attention therefore then, with waitings with the fluctuation in me and the increase, " To fill emits to decree to indicate it, the modified modifications, matti something of serveur. What I interest he it instruction, that one that receives? the tin of " and is; " Aargh! " I said the time of " approximately; He. I have been tomorrow directly firm here in 1 month! The sphere of the tree of the nut of the Coco I, receives ã ' ã. ã. ã ' ã. ã. ã '., the end of the raspberry is food slowly of the raspberry "ã." of ã. ' of ã. ã ' ã ' of the memories ã contained the benzine ã. and the supermarket. " My food approximately has the necessity of the fine week, -- my station of the work of the pulse of the detonation comes immediately and nevertheless I played in under the more possible surface of the benzine my packing of the increase, my food, which they had considered to the morning, I I think necessarily special about the raspberry. Therefore so distant how much probably always to the morning and he it has the subject of the investment for similar me with foam/home in the crystal. I will go tomorrow.

I don't think that could make less sense. Did you include Chinese as well?

I prefer my monkeys boiled in black coffee for at least three hours.
I prefer my I thresh to exempt the fall, that one that is cooked
outside of the black coffee during the o less the three hours.

AHHH! Lester, get back in your cell! Don't make me get the hose!
AHHH! To the butterfly valve you decrease/go recently within its
battery! It causes not nonignition, the end to receive the tube!

We're not in Kansas anymore!
We are not of one more a certain way in Kansas!

There is a dead llama on the freeway.
It has LAMINA, of that in freeway without toll that dies.

Better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.


Improvement to decree appreciates and destroyed then to decree never
to appreciate completely.

And :

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Becomes :

Improvement to decree appreciates and this one never ordered not to appreciate completely to destroy.

Some people woul consider that profound in a way...

We got the money, don't shoot the hostage!

We received the money, who we do not lose not them hostages!

This is vital information, if this is not received correctly, the world will blow up. Cut the red wire!

The information blew upon remarkable person, if this one did not
receive correctly, the world. You he cut the red chain!

There are no weapons of mass destruction

It has arm of the destruction of the mass.

Cut the red wire! for god's sake don't cut the green one!

You he cut the red chain! for sake a God that it rescues of the green
one no!

This is fun! :D

One more:

We found a weakness! Ground up money kills the aliens! Pass it on, save humanity!

We found the weakness! The track to the expensive outpost of the money
destroys foreigners! You exceed the function, to the humanity of the