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Low voltage motor with high rpm spinning a hight voltage motor with low rpm.perpetual? Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

Absolutely! I can't believe nobody has thought of this before. Since you posted it in a public forum, I suggest building a prototype and patenting it immediately.

Note that perpetual motion machines are the one class of invention for which the US Patent Office still requires that you provide them a working sample. Not surprisingly, that's been very effective at keeping them from having to waste time on such applications.


4 years ago

I have for the past 35 years done extensive testing with power generation up to the point of using exotic wire alloys such as pure silver vs.copper up and down the ladder of rpm,gear drives,solar boosters, wind"when device is in motion. Perpetual motion with motor drive"motogen" units are not yet possible. there is always a loss. if you do the math, there is always a trade off somewhere in the design. long years back when i was a teen i built an electric go-cart by simply very small fossil fueled engine rigged up to an alternator regulator spring resistors relays and 2 small 12v DC batteries. the first hybrid go-cart that had awesome power and performance. But as i said" there is a trade off when we put the load on" Gas, batteries, in my hybrid. rise in amp draw swapped over batts "load relay" while Gas power drove alternator to charge the low cell. very simple but I digress.. The key point is find the least trade for the most output for your design. even with solar and wind power there is a trade off.


7 years ago

no it is not i thought of a similar idea when i was young (a motor driving a gear box which drived a identical motor/generator) but when you apply a load the motor will become harder to spin and motors (and gear boxes ) aren't 100 % efficient it just doesn't work like that.

TRY THIS: get a drill with a dead battery 2) twist the drill end that will usually spin. it easy. now try it with the switch held down much harder huh? same here.

. No. This question has been answered too many times to merit another explanation.

This question, like the idea, is poorly conceived. However, the answer is "no"


The only thing perpetual about this is the question.