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M4 parts Answered

I tried to make the first realistic M4 on the site , but i got lazy so here's some of the important parts.



Yay! I finished my indoor rifle by using the stock! It's great, and sturdy!


Nice! Have any more pics? I might build that! Removable mags?

Check my new topic.

can you give me a link to where you got the airsoft or what brand is it

I think it does. I say so because of the blue rods in th pic. And the blue rod-sized mag. I could very well be wrong though.

Yup, your wrong. the mag is fake. I just figured it out. It doesnt shoot at all.

it does shoot it has a bakenbitz fake removable but real internal mag

how? on a different matter, have you checked the tournament page lately?

are you gonna post? please. it looks better than ALL of the m4s on this site!

sorry, I asked you by accident.

even though this all looks realistic, its not the first realistic m4 on the site.

the barrel on Traut's m4 looks better btw.

do you think my m4 is realistic

The m4 in your forum topic has a huge mag on it, the one in your slideshow has the straight mag.

havent heard of an ajustable magazine maybe you mean stock?

wow, lol. Yeah I meant stock...that is what happens when you're tired I guess.

hmmm.... very ingenious!