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MOST POPULAR INSTRUCTABLE  -  This one https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Doll-Dress-Up-Sugar-Cookies/  has 2 Views!!!  HOW can it be Popular?



Best Answer 6 years ago

The displayed number of views lags behind the acutual number of views. I'd imagine that the views total displayed in info is looked up in a table every page load, but doesn't query Google analytics every page load because they're only allowed a certain number of analytics lookups a day so that resource usage is fair. For this reason the visible views table might be updated twice a day for example, to save on analytics lookups. For all you know this actually has 2000 views.

It hasn't - and hadn't. However I take the point and will not raise this again.

Just read your reply RE being the most recent editor's pick. Hadn't realised that automatically put it in popular.

I'm not sure how often HQ browse answers, if you still think it's a bug it'd be better to post this in the bugs forum or to email service (at) instructables (dot) com.

The "most popular" used to be based partly on the recent frequency of views, rather than the total.

That did throw up the occasional odd result, but none so low (IIRC) as "2".

I'm going to guess that the algorithm has been neglected in the various recent upgrades.

Then my comment is valid. I have raised the bug.

I think things get in the most popular list as soon as there featured.

You should contact the editors about this if it bothers you.

It's not that it bothers me BUT I do think things should be right. The box title suggest clearly "most popular" Chosen by what criteria - well one would assume popular demands a good run of views but this clearly isn't the case -

It should actually read Editors picks. or similar. The most popular instructable has over 2,000,000 views.

Of course this list would be rather static if it really only showed the most popular by number of views.

Just a small point - I would have expected there to be a clear policy statement to cover this to say "we do this because..." It's not the first time it has come up.

It would appear on inspection that this list is simply the most recent editors pick from each category - So personal opinion rather than anything to do with popularity, language or views.

Nahhh Come on - Change the box title guys so it's less confusing.

Uh oh... rickharris is at it again. :D

From what I've been able to figure out, the zeitgeist is determined by the views and the speed at which the popularity grows... now 2 views does seem rather low, BUT, after looking at the example, this 'ible is now at 52 views and "featured", so for having been published today, I'm not surprised that its considered "popular".

When I looked at this it was at the top of the popular column and had 20 something views. I am assuming it was in the popular column when rick captured it also, making us wonder how number of views and speed can be used to calculate popularity after a total of only 2 has been reached.

Yes it was in at the top of the Pop box. Unjustifiably so IMHO.

Very true, but a "feature" would most certainly change the factors and make it more popular than another ible with only 2 views. Can't see from his screenshot if the ible was featured at that time or not - may have been in progress...

Ultimately this is more computer driven so it would depend on how they've set up all the variables. Its not like someone sits over at ibles deciding who's popular. :)

This is proof that "advertising pays" although after being front page promotion, editors pick etc I might be a tad disappointed with only 131 views (as at 11:52 GMT 09/01/12).

Whatever the algorithm is I would suggest, (as I have done before), that either the box title is incorrect OR the algorithm is faulty.

Lets get it right guys - Please just to make an old man happy!


6 years ago

A quick count reveals twenty ?


Thats odd. When I published some instructables, I noticed that some of the ones on the most popular list had less views. After a while I realised that they had less views, but had just been published that day and were being viewed at a much faster rate than mine were. Made sense, but 2 views is popular now? A few on this list had a low count when I checked today. Must be an error.