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Make a Laptop Screen into a Monitor for PC Answered

i have a laptop screen laying around and i want to be able to make it into a monitor for my pc. if anybody has any ideas please post them. thx


Project D

6 years ago

Hey, it's been a small grip of years, but I figure it's time to speak up. There are *much* more affordable LCD controllers available nowadays. If you search eBay, you should be able to find them in the double-digit range nowadays.

there is only 3 ways this will work 1.you install video capture hardware on your laptop 2. you set up remote desktop software to display your desktop over a network connection 3. or you can buy and expensive lcd controller for over $200 and pray it works

im short on money and all i have is the LCD screen and no more of the laptop. i need a way to wire it into the computer. thanks for the other tips though.

Joe Martinswagramp

Reply 10 years ago

No without the laptop you can not. Sorry to tell you but there is no other way this can be done besides the answers from C_t_d'.