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Malware warnings from Google Chrome Answered

I'm using Chrome & was checking aol mail. Clicked on Instructables newsletter and Chrome pops up with a warning of Instructables being infected by Malware & would not be a good idea to continue. They stated they had contacted Instructables concerning the problem but advised staying away for a few day's. I went to Gmail account & signed in with no trouble (I Hope!). Do y'all have any info on this problem? Have y'all actually been contacted by Google?

Thanks for any clarification,


Thanks for the heads up, we've been plugging away on this and have resolved this issue.

AFAIK, staff is aware of the issue and is working on it. They advise members to use an alternate browser in the mean time.

I am assuming its a false positive so still using chrome and just clicking proceed anyways (at least it should be false positives by now... last post on this was about a week ago iirc). YMMV etc.

Good to know it wasn't an isolated incident.


Thanks for the info. Having just enough knowledge to utilize the internet & recently being attacked by what my son described as a deeply hidden piece of pure evil, I tend to overreact when Chrome pulls some of the weird stuff it does. As I said by taking a different route the warning seemed to disappear.

Greatly Appreciated,