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Man Vs. Cartoon ! Answered

Did anyone catch this episode of Man Vs. Cartoon, on Tru TV ?

Watch as a team of the country's brightest minds takes on the devices and techniques used by Wile E. Coyote in his vain attempts to snare his arch-enemy the Road Runner. See if expertise, years of training and the best equipment that money can buy will be enough to actually make Coyote's flawed Acme Company machines work.

let's make some of the Wile E.'s stuff WORK !

AND some character Bio's

Some of the future TESTS


I personally thought that the rocket skates attempt was NOT well thought out.....correct me if I'm wrong, but no matter how fast the skater was moving, adding extra thrust to his feet, would tend to kick them out from under him, wouldn't it?

Now, if the rockets had fired after he was in a more forward leaning position (not while on the ramp)the thrust would be applied against his actual weight more then just his feet, is that not correct?

That's how I'd see it. (I think there's a rocket-powered skateboard ible somewhere...)

*sigh* I saw the failure before the engineers did; what gives? Maybe their lack of real world experience?