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Metal eyeglass arms have lost their coating, what to use to re-coat them? Answered

Hi and thanks for reading my question.

I wear reading glasses and have had some pretty good luck with a pair that I purchased at CVS approximately four years ago. The only thing that has went wrong is that the clear-coating, that used to cover the inside of the glass's "arms" has worn off, from the rubbing of the inside of the arms against my head as I put the glasses on and take the glasses off.

Does anybody please have any suggestions about what I should use to re-coat the arms of my reading glasses?

Thanks again for reading my question and thanks also to anybody that can please offer me any suggestion(s)!


Liquid tape or Grip Dip (Sometimes called Super Grip or Plasti Dip)

A lot of people use it to coat the handles of their tools.


Just remember to use in a well-ventilated room.

The fumes off that stuff will knock your socks off.



4 years ago

Clear nail polish is easy... comes with its own little brush.

spray varnish (lacquer) is your best bet - Warning DON'T get it on the lens.

You rock too!

I am a bit embarrassed, I was going to send all three of you nice folks a personal thank you and now I see it gets posted right here! I'm a bit blushed!

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It likely had a thin lacquer coating on it.

And of course you rock to! :)

Thanks again everyone!


4 years ago

Use clear 5 minute epoxy. Clean the limbs thoroughly making sure they are oil free. Mix up a dollop (about the size of a small marble) of epoxy and spread a thin, even coat onto each limb using the ball of your index finger.

Thank you very much for responding to my question! I certainly do appreciate that you took the time to help me out, you rock!

Wow, you people are great! I am so glad I joined this website! I do have spray varnish on hand so I will do that and report back when finished.

Thanks again, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!