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Mook Jong construction free standing instructions? Answered

I am looking for information on building a Mook jong(Wooden Dummy). I would need one that is free standing, not wall mounted. Also, where would I buy the needed wood for the body? I am looking for a rather simple plan not one that is complicated. I am not looking to make one of plywood but rather a solid piece of wood. the leg for the Mook Jong confounds me as well.


1. Search the site using the search bar in the top right corner. Make sure to do more than one search using a mix of keywords and other possible names(Mook Jong, dummy, wooden, freestanding, etc)
2. Check the related links in the side bar to the right. --------->
3. Search google using the same instructions in (1.) Look through more than one page of results.

If you google "make wooden dummy" there are plenty of sites, plans and instructions to build one. I'm no expert but this one looks promising: http://www.tigerclawfoundation.org/images/upload_images/woodendummy_plans.pdf